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Routes 2 Europe

Terms Used

Routes2Europe (R2E): refers to Routes2Europe ltd, London, United Kingdom

US, WE : refers to Routes2Europe, London , United Kingdom

YOU: refers to the undersigned booking agent in contract with Routes2Europe ltd.

Group: members of a group of tourists you have booked with us on a specific tour.


We ensure the best possible service quality and utmost care for the operations of your group.

Deadlines are set in accordance to group size and services booked. The more time we get for detailed operational planning, the better your service quality will be.

Operational issues like detailed itinerary, detailed menu planning, reconfirming services can be done only after 100% pre payment is received.

We require minimum 7 working days time to prepare a group up to 50 guests for operations. The bigger the groups, the more time is required. These deadlines are set by the payment deadlines specified to you.

All extra service need to be prepaid in cash by you before they will be provided (our company & bank does not accept travellers cheques). We will not pay for any extra services.

We reserve the right to alter the hotels & itinerary for the benefit and/or not limited to safety of the clients. This can be due to but not limited to

Traffic, changes in commercial driving laws, changes in opening hours of sightseeing spots or weather conditions.

This can also be due to new hotel contracts, new sightseeing or event location contracts to improve, enhance and/or not limited to the experience & safety of the group.

Change in policy or terms & conditions of, but not limited to Hotel, restaurants, event locations, sightseeing & other services outlined in the itinerary & contract.

Rates and payments

Inclusions are as per the list of inclusions attached as annexe to this document. You are required to read it in detail.

We will make all bookings based on this inclusion list only.

Minimum & maximum group size is specified in the quote. This minimum number of full paying adult packages has to be paid for.

Minimum number of rooms requested & blocked have to be paid. If not released in time, cancellation in accordance to our cancellation terms & conditions apply.

All event costs have been calculated based on minimum number of guests & have to be paid for.

We work ONLY on 100% pre-payment basis. The payment schedule (payment time lines) will be mentioned on the proforma invoice.

Kindly ensure that these timelines are met. If the client does not pay within the agreed deadlines, Routes2Europe will cancel the agreement. Our "Cancellation and refund" policy will be applied accordingly (i.e. no refund if the agreement has been cancelled through Routes2Europe less than 30 days prior to the arrival as specified in this document.)

Child Policy

Child 0-2 yrs (Infants) will be free of cost (baby cot can be requested for infants in advance)

Child 2-6 yrs will be charged 45% of the adult price (without extra bed)

Child 7-12 yrs will be charged 65% of the adult price (with an extra bed)

Guests above the age of 12 yrs will be considered adult

Maximum 1 extra bed per room.

As per the fire laws in Europe - not more than 3 guests (infants included) are permitted per standard room.

Family rooms are only subject to availability. In case of 4 members in a family, and in case of family rooms not being available, 2 double/twin rooms will be booked & any increase in price has to be paid by you.

Free of Cost Policy

1 x FOC for tour leader, 1 x per coach on ½ twin basis to a max of 3 FOC's per group.

Bookings and confirmations

Minimum 25% non refundable booking amount at time of booking is required to start the booking process. Balance 75% payable as per deadlines set.

Upon acceptance of our offer & receipt of the booking amount, we will only make a provisional booking with the hotel and service providers. We will inform you of the deadlines, payment deadlines and raise an invoice.

The hotel will only be confirmed after receipt in our bank of minimum amount as specified in the invoice which covers all cancellation liability of Routes2Europe but not limited to Hotels, coach's, restaurants & catering, event locations, sight seeings, guides etc. This is over & above the non refundable booking amount.

Balance amount of the invoice amount is now due as per our payment deadline or maximum within one week if no deadlines are specified.

The rest of the bookings can only be done after 100% payment reflects in our bank account and within our deadline. If the payment does not arrive within the time lines, we are not responsible for any bookings not being available, getting released, or being cancelled. Routes2Europe ltd reserves the right to cancel services in part or full due to late or non payment. Normal cancellation Terms & conditions apply for booking cancellations resulting from late or non payment.

Payment delays caused by changes in our invoice as a result of changing requirements are not acceptable & will not be considered.

We will give you a refund after the group has returned to their home country if you have overpaid.

You also have to advice us final number of adults & children (with age) within one week of confirming the booking, enabling us to block or purchase correct sightseeing tickets. In case we do not receive the information in time, we will book all adult tickets & charge accordingly.

We work ONLY ON 100% PRE PAYMENT BASIS. Vouchers, passes and tickets will be issued within 5 - 14 working days after receipt of full payment. These will be delivered to your client/tour leader upon arrival or deposited at the first hotel in Switzerland.

Rooming List

Final Rooming list needs to reach us 3 weeks prior to group arrival.

This list must clearly give an overview of the number of adults, Children & Infants in the group. Overview of total number of rooms in each category for each hotel should e mentioned clearly. Please refer to the overview given below.birth, passport number with date and place of issue.

Please send in your requests for upgrades, room category, rooms locations (for example: friends & family wanting to stay close to each other etc.) with the rooming list at least one month prior to arrival. These will be not be entertained later.

The above requests are at the sole discretion of the Hotels. We do not guarantee that these will be full filled.

Coaches & Timing Restrictions

Please note EC regulation for coach drivers: Final itinerary will be made keeping these laws in consideration.

In one day a driver is not permitted to drive for more than total of 8 hours between 0800 hrs - 2100 hrs.

The duty time of the driver are 12- 15 hrs per day depending on the country they are in.

In one week a driver is not to exceed 5 days of 12 hours & 2 days of 14 hrs. This is not specific to your itinerary. This will be influenced by the drivers previous duties.

In one day a driver must have 11 consecutive hours of rest. This can be reduced to 9 hours only three times per week. This is not specific to your itinerary. This will be influenced by the drivers previous duties.

In a week, driver has to have one day as a full holiday. This is not specific to your itinerary. This will be influenced by the drivers previous duties.

The above EU laws can be overruled by the specific laws of a particular country. This is at the sole discretion of the police at the time of checking.

Should the above regulations not to be adhered to it is possible that:

Police checking driver's hours prevent coaches from continuing the journey. The coach will be impounded. Drivers will delay departure of the next service In the event of an accident no insurance claims can be made. Upon periodic checking of the coach company Teco graphs, licenses can be revoked. We do not accept any responsibility for compliance or for risks associated with non - compliance with the above regulations or any other relevant legal requirements. Itinerary is operable only if the above mentioned timings are adhered to by the group members. The responsibility to inform the group members lies with the you the Tour Operator / Travel agent or your Tour Leaders (minimum one per coach). Our Tour Leader's (if booked) have the authority to leave group members behind who do not adhere to the timings outlined in the tour programme. Routes2Europe is not responsible for any delays & discomfort caused by the need to replace a coach as a result of coach being impounded. Routes2Europe does not take responsibility of being able to provide any alternative transportation as a result of delays caused by the group members resulting in non compliance of the driving laws. Please indicate any changes desired at least one month prior to the group arrival date so that we can concentrate on minute details & other important organisational issues which will enhance & consolidate the experience of the tour. Smoking , Eating & Drinking (alcohol or any other beverages except water) on the coaches is strictly not permitted. Toilets on the coaches are locked and are available for emergencies only. If the group members leave the toilet dirty, driver has the right to lock it and not allow any further usage. It is the responsibility of your Tour Leader to maintain hygiene & cleanliness on his/her coach & distribute sick bags to guests. Not complying to the above cleanliness conditions & civic responsibilities, the coach driver is permitted to charge a compensation which he deems fit. Please note that most European drivers speak basic English at best. This is limited to being able to communicate & fixing departure times & pick up points. We are not responsible for communication problems or miscommunications between the driver & your Tour leader or your group due to language problems. To avoid the above language problems you have to book a local European Tour Escort. Food & Beverage All the meals are booked as per your specifications. Please send us your special meal requirements atleast one month prior to arrival of the group. Our quote does not specify which restaurants will be booked. Routes2Europe is free to choose restaurants for meals. If you require a specific restaurant or caterer, please request it during quotation process so correct costs can be provided. No request for a specific restaurant will be entertained if not requested during quotation process. Tips & Porterage Our offer does not include tips for the Guides/Drivers. The prevalent rates are as follows Drivers :- EUR 2.-- per person per day (this is compulsory) Serivce Staff. EUR 1.-- per person per day. Porterage at, but not limited to hotels, airports, railways stations, ships is not included in the offers. Water Tap water in Europe is clean & suitable for drinking. Mineral/Bottled water can be purchased by the guests at super markets or from the hotels/restaurants by making direct payment. Hotels in Europe do not provide free mineral water in the rooms. Please specifically ask for water in your quote or requirement as this will be an extra cost. Please inform us one month in advance if you want us to supply water to the guests (in the coach or elsewhere). This shall be charged @ a minimum of EUR 0.5 per bottle (500ml). Additional delivery charges will be decided on a case to case basis depending upon the quantity ordered. Any storage required at, but not limited to hotels, event locations, cruise, coach, train, sightseeing spots will be charged extra. Damage to property Any damage to the property of the supplier(s) will have to be paid by you. Routes2Europe will not take up any responsibility on your behalf (including any cash to be paid against the damages). Visas Visas are solely your and your clients responsibility. We will not be responsible for any delays, rescheduling or cancellation resulting due to non-grant of applicable visas and/or necessary travel documents. Any financial obligations arising out of cancellation or rescheduling have to be paid by you. Confirmation for visa purposes from suppliers like Hotels & Routes2Europe will only be sent after the advance payment is received in our account. Please ensure one week for preparing & organising the same. We will not entertain any last minute requests. Cancellations and Refunds This term will be applied in the case of Cancellation by the client and by Routes2Europe. Cancellations due to change in number of guest or complete cancellations. For groups booked & confirmed more than 90 days prior to arrival If the group is booked & confirmed less than 30 days prior to arrival Once the order to book the group has been given, 100% cancellation charges apply. In case hotels or other required services are no longer available (in part or full), as a result of delayed payments, you will be offered an alternative (if available ). If you do not accept this alternative, the payment of unbooked services will be refunded after deduction of administrative charge of 7% of the total invoice. Cancellation charges for any other services booked will be charged at 100%. Changes in no. of guests Reduction in group size Collective group costs like Tour co-coordinator, event locations rentals, no of guests per coach etc has to be divided by lesser no of guests Change in the Hotel, catering, location prices etc by the suppliers due to loss of revenue. Increase in groups size Restaurants, event locations, coach's, hotels previously booked might not be able to accommodate the group size increase Additional manpower might be required to manage the group No shows/ Last minute Any no shows will be charged 100% cancellation. Changes to Bookings Any alterations to original booking resulting in re costing entail expenses, which have to be passed on. A handling fees of EUR 125/-- will be charged per booking per change. On the spot changes on the ground while Group is operating. This refers to any changes made by you, your clients or Tour leaders. Any on the spot changes on the ground while group is being operated will result in confusion & cancellations charges. These have to be paid by you. In addition to the above, new services booked have to be paid for by cash on the spot. For any changes to original booking while the group is on the ground, will be charged at EUR 250/-- will be charged per booking per change. Routes2Europe does not take responsibility of, but not limited to services being missed or refused, problems with drivers timing's & result thereof, as specified above or any other problems as a result of on the spot changes. Liability The liability of Routes2Travel is limited. We act only as an agent for all the services provided, including but not limited to services involving ship, air, rail, hotel accommodation, restaurants, which are provided by various companies who are independent contractors. We and our suppliers can not accept any responsibility for losses or accidental expenses due to delay or changes in schedules, defaults or over bookings by hotels, sickness, death, weather changes & conditions, strikes, war, political instability, quarantine and other causes beyond our control. All such losses or expenses will have to be paid by the passenger. Baggage and small articles (coats etc.) are at the owners risk throughout the travel. We reserve the right to vary itineraries in order to improve the itinerary, to the passenger's enjoyment and advantage. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule departures in accordance to the requirements deemed justified by us for any reason pertaining to / but not limited to operational requirements for the passengers safety. All services provided are subject to the laws of the specific countries or to the conditions of the various suppliers. Jurisdiction/ Applicable Laws In case of any disputes first both the parties should try and sort the matter mutually amongst themselves If the dispute still remains unresolved after a period of 3 months, the British laws are applicable and the only applicable jurisdiction in England, United Kingdom. Change in Terms & Conditions Routes2Europe maintains the right to alter the terms & conditions from time to time in accordance to the changes in, but not limited to the change in various laws of the countries it operates in, change in taxes, change in terms & conditions of its suppliers, new experiences we make as we operate each new tour. Acceptance The undersigned agrees to accept financial responsibility for the above arrangements and agrees with the payment conditions stated above. In case any one of the above terms and conditions is not adhered to, Routes2Europe retains the right to cancel the bookings. We request you to please sign and return this agreement as confirmation of your acceptance of the terms and conditions along with your first payment. Receipt of payment will also be automatically considered as confirmation of your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this document. I have read & understood the above terms & conditions. We the undersigned agree to the above terms & conditions.

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