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What we do

We at Routes2Europe believe the best way to learn is through adventure, and an international educational trip will inspire young minds.

Our team is helping student groups to seek new adventures, embrace new cultures and learn new skills on tailor made tours. We have many years of experience in operating school tours in Europe; we design bespoke itineraries to meet your needs & budget and ensure that your trip is an unforgettable one.

Our tours are fully inclusive, can be customised as you wish and our goal is to introduce the students to new places and experiences that make each destination unique. We are here to support you with everything you need to get your partnered schools excited about the trip, and our focus is to provide the highest quality tour with a responsive and attentive service. Behind the scenes our expert Operations Team watches over your group and will provide immediate assistance anytime and anywhere you may need us. 

Student group

What we cover

Educational Visits

A great educational trip gives the opportunity to the students to appreciate the world around them by taking the learning outside the everyday environment of the classroom. Depending on the school's interest the tour may include a visit to a Museum, Factory, Car manufacturing plant, University or a TV studio.


A visit to one of the destination's well known museums helps the students to understand the differences between their own and the visited country's culture, art, technology, nature and history. If available, we can arrange workshops on science, chemistry, geography, art, literature, or engineering etc.


We get beyond the classroom to let the students enjoy the sights, the local culture and to discover the essence of each country the group travels. A knowledgeable local tour guide joins the group to introduce the visited city and to reply to any questions. Visits to major attractions also included in the program.

Culural Exchange

As the world becomes smaller as a result of technology, learning about other cultures becomes so much more important. Cultural exchange programs embrace diversity and it helps the students to see that there’s always more to learn via interactions with local students, lectures or workshops at schools - libraries.

Adventure / Activities

It is always fun to swap the traditional sightseeing tour for a more engaging treasure hunt or bicycle tour whilst getting to know the visited cities. Depending on the interest and age of the students we can arrange the following activities: hiking, ziplining, kayaking, rafting, indoor rock climbing / skiing, or a visit to a theme / adventure park.

Team Building

Teamwork is very important for students to learn how to work together to tackle challenges and compete against each other in an entertaining way. Challenge your group with mini olympics, escape rooms, aviation landing competition, treasure hunt, soap box grand prix, bobsled, bubble football or laser tagging.

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