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Travel to Europe to experience something new and to be awestruck by its rich history, natural beauty, stunning art and culinary diversity.

Our mission at Routes2Europe is to help to inspire your travel plans, as discovering new places is part of life's journey. When you are travelling every day is a school day as you learn from history to geography and cultures from the people by constantly thrown into new environments and situations. Traveling is beneficial and life changing, relaxing and inspirational, you just have to make the decision to go to that place you've alwasy wanted to visit.

We want to inspire you and your clients to try new destinations, experiences and to gain everlasting memories during these journeys. We have shortlisted a few inspirations, these should be on your travel bucket list.

Inspiration with Routes2Europe

What we cover

Northern Lights

To experience the unbelievable colours that move across the dark Arctic sky is on many travellers’ bucket list. It’s like a celestial ballet of light dancing across the night sky, with a colour palette of green, blue, pink, and violet.The best places on earth to witness the northern lights are Iceland, Norway and Finland and can be combined with many other great activities from whale watching to visit Santa Claus.

Winter Activites

In addition to hunting for the northern lights in winter there are so many other exciting and thrilling activities to try, such as skiing, ice fishing, whale watching, snowmobiling. Enjoy an authentic reindeer safari or husky dog sleigh ride through snow-covered forests, including a visit at a reindeer farm and enjoy some story telling around the campfire with some hot drinks. Best to visit Lapland, Iceland, Scandinavia.

Summer Activities

Nature lovers who want to discover Europe's most beautiful sceneries by trekking and cycling the best is to head to the rugged Scottish Highlands with its glens and lochs, to Norway's fabulous fjords, to the vine-raked valleys of the Loire or to the volcanos & waterfalls in Iceland. Mountain lovers should head to the Alps marching across central Europe. Let's change the traditional sightseeing for a bike tour at the visited cities.

Culinary Tours

For the foodies and to make your tour even more authentic offer an insight to it's cuisine. Include pizza making at a traditional winery in Italy where all passengers can create their own pizza for lunch including wine tasting and a tour. Chocolate lovers can indulge in rich cocoa visiting Switzerland or England and whisky lovers can test their tastebuds visiting Scotland's famous and well known distilleries.

Adreline Rush

The demand for adventure activities are booming, especially corporate people are seeking for a little danger breaking away from smartphones & desk jobs. We offer wide range of activites such as: drive a Ferrari in Silverstone, head to Eastern Europe for a tank ride, take in stunning views when paragliding from Matterhorn in Switzerland, enjoy rafting on the Danube, slide on Europe's longest zipline in Snowdonia.

Sporting Events

Sporting Events can be some of the most exhilarating and memorable occasions during a tour and Europe has so much to offer. One of the countries which offers the most is the United Kingdom - cricket at the famous Lords, tennis at Wimbledon, golf in St Andrews, football match at Manchester United Stadium, horse racing etc. We take care of everything from admission tickets to transports & accommodations.

VIP Experiences

For your clients who like the finest things in life we could offer the following to be the highlights of their tour: hire a private yacht in Monaco or Dubrovnik for stunning coast lines, enjoy a hot airballoon ride over Tuscany or Barcelona, hop on a helicopter at the Swiss Alps or Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, dine in the sky to spectate London's skyline. Let us know your destination and we pick the best options for you.

Party Experiences

For your groups who likes to party & dance we have plenty of options to chose from across Europe. Amsterdam has most to offer: beer bike tours, night life tours, pub crawling and the most popular is a private boat party with unlimited drinks and live Indian DJ. Board a party bus in Paris or London and dance the night away while passing by the landmarks. Every city has parties please inquire for suggestions.

Theatres & Plays

We have many theatre experiences and shows to offer for your groups visiting Europe. Include a breathtaking cabaret & burlesque show in Paris at the Lido or Moulin Rouge, or head to London's West End to watch the Lion King or Wicked. Mainly popular with teacher and student groups we offer backstage theatre tours with an insight to sets & costumes, and theathre workshops at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

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